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Estate Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Proper estate planning can play a crucial role in safeguarding the future of your child with special needs.  The post Estate Planning for a Child with Special Needs appeared first on .

Do You Want to Discuss Dynasty Trusts?

January 1, 2024, marked exactly two years until the planned reduction by half of the current Applicable Exclusion Amount ("AEA"). The AEA is the amount that an individual can pass to anyone either during their life or at death before imposition of a transfer tax.

Ringing in 2024 with Updates on Estate and Gift Taxes

The New Year brings with it new estate and gift tax exemption and exclusion amounts.   In 2017, a new tax law doubled the federal estate and gift tax exemption. And that exemption amount has increased each year between 2018 and 2025 to adjust for inflation.

Alternatives to Litigation in a Will Contest or Probate Dispute

When conflict arises in the settling of an estate - especially a high-net-worth estate - the parties involved may look to the courts to help resolve the dispute. Litigation is one way to settle probate disputes, but it is not the only option, nor necessarily the best. ...

Why Should I Work With A Probate Litigation Attorney?

If you expect to face disputes over the allocation of your loved one's estate, retaining a probate litigation attorney might be the right choice. Here's what you need to know about hiring an experienced attorney who can help you manage probate litigation.

Starting 2024 the Right Way…with an Estate Plan!

Welcome to 2024! The year 2023 left many feeling unsettled. Chat GPT burst onto the scene, and it seemed AI was destined to take over everything. War continued in Ukraine and broke out in the Gaza Strip. Finally, COVID-19 seems to be the new norm.

What Does Listing Expired Mean in Real Estate?

Have you heard a real estate agent reference an expired listing? You probably wondered what it meant. Expired listings happen when there is no success in selling, and they fall out of the Multiple Listing Service. It is one of the MLS statuses that signify failure in se...